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Waiting List Management

How It Works

  • A patron enters their name at a waiting list workstation.
  • Optionally, the waiting list checks restrictions that have been defined. These restrictions might be based on fines or date of birth. People with restrictions are redirected to the front desk.
  • If a computer is available, the patron is directed to the appropriate workstation. If not, they are added to the waiting list for later assignment.
  • Upon arrival at the assigned workstation the patron will have to accept the library's acceptable use policy to activate the workstation.
  • A timed session begins.
  • Sessions are tracked by staff and administrators via the console program.


  • Enforcement of library policy regarding computer use.
  • Savings in staff time to manage the computers.

Other Optional Points Of Interest

  • The system can generate and use barcoded guest tickets.
  • The system can assign PIN numbers to sessions.
  • The system supports running a display panel to show announcements.
  • Audible queues can be setup to let people know when an assignment has been made.
  • Limit access to patrons only or allow everyone (and all configurations between).
There are a number of ways to configure the waiting list. On one end of the spectrum, some libraries choose not to use a waiting list. Patrons simply go to the front desk for staff computer assignment. Other libraries choose to let the waiting list do everything. That's what is outlined here.
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